Wec2013 xaml problem

hi all…

The installed files are as follows

  • imx6_winceimage_1.4-20181213
  • toradex_ce8_sdk_2.3
  • silverlightwec2013_v2.0
  • toradexnetframework3.9_ver1.1

The tool in use is as follows

  • visual studio 2015 sp3
  • blend for visual studio 2015

blend for visual studio 2015 make c# xaml form is ok

visual studio2015 make xaml ok


and build ok

but wince2013 screen.
can see the title.
Can not see the app.
It is empty.

I would appreciate your advice.
Thank you!.

Dear @tlfksh7,

Thank you for contacting support and providing the details for the issue.

Could you program v1.3 image on the module and try to run the XAML application and let us know the result. We are having OpenGL issue on v1.4 release that we are suspecting cause for this issue.

Please log the debug message when the issue is occurring and share with us.

Thank you for your quick reply.

vesion downgraded using v1.4 → v1.3 EasyInstaller, but failed.

The initial loading screen appears, but the wince desktop does not appear.

v1.4 version install is ok

Can you tell me how?

Dear @tlfksh7,

Maybe you need to clear the registry after update the image as described here : https://developer.toradex.com/knowledge-base/clear-registry

If TEZI is not running then you would use Updatetool included with standard release image. Please download v1.3 image from here and run update tool on the iMX6 then program the OS image then bootloader then clear registry and then reboot.

Could you also share which Windows desktop operating system you are using?

If possible, please share the demo application with source code that will help us to look at the issue quickly.

use desktop os windows7 Pro 64bit.
I will try your advice.
Thank you.

Dear @tlfksh7,

Thank you for your reply. If possible, Could you build the application on Windows 10 and let us know the results.
Because we all are using Windows 10 for development.