WEC2013 workspace v1.9 - Wrong version?

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I would like to update our standard images with the new version 1.9 of WEC2013 for iMX6 with a customized imaged. I downloaded BSP and workspace, copied that to WINCE800 folder, made the typical changes, like allways, compiled it and deployed the output to the board.
But under version info of Update Tool I got following output:

Screen Shot 05-29-24 at 10.05 PM

When I change the .nbx file with the nk8.nbx file from image of version 1.9 I get the correct image version.

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It appears you are working with Windows Embedded Compact (WEC) 2013 for an iMX6 platform and are encountering issues with versioning in the Update Tool after attempting to update your standard images with a new version. When dealing with the Update Tool and BSP updates for WEC2013, it’s crucial to ensure that all components of the BSP and workspace are correctly aligned with the version you intend to deploy.

Given the specific nature of your issue, it seems there might be a mismatch or an oversight during the update process. Here are a few steps to consider:

  1. Verify Version Consistency: Ensure that all parts of the BSP, including the workspace and any customizations, are intended for the same version of WEC2013 you are trying to deploy. Version mismatches can lead to the kind of issue you’re experiencing.

  2. Check the .nbx File: The .nbx file is crucial for the Update Tool to recognize and apply the correct version. If replacing the .nbx file with one from the version 1.9 image resolves the issue, it suggests that the original .nbx file might not have been updated correctly or is not compatible with version 1.9.

  3. Revisit Customizations: Custom modifications can sometimes interfere with the update process. Double-check any changes made to the workspace or BSP components to ensure they are compatible with version 1.9. It might be helpful to test with a clean, unmodified version of the 1.9 BSP and workspace to see if the issue persists.

  4. Ensure Correct Deployment: After compiling, ensure that the deployment process to the board is executed correctly, and that the board is using the intended version of the image. Sometimes, errors during deployment can cause the board to use an older or incorrect version of the firmware.

  5. Update Tool Version: Ensure that the version of the Update Tool itself is compatible with WEC2013 version 1.9. An outdated Update Tool might not correctly recognize or deploy newer image versions.

If after these steps the issue remains unresolved, it might be beneficial to closely review the build and deployment logs for any errors or warnings that could indicate what is going wrong. Additionally, revisiting the documentation for both the BSP and the Update Tool for any version-specific instructions could provide further insights.

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