WEC2013 hangs on boot


sometimes our OS hangs during boot, but I can’t reproduce it reliably.
The last output is always “Loading clock…”

If you don’t need to use the GPU, can you try to set:


in your registry?

I was able to reproduce the issue using our EVB, this (in my setup, at least) happens only after a software reboot, not if I power down and back up the device.
Is that true also in your own tests?

OS hangs also when we power on the device, not only with a software reboot.

Do you see that happening with the same frequency? I can reproduce it with less than 100 SW reboots, but tried close to 1k HW cycles and didn’t see that happening, but it may require more tests or frequency may differ between modules.
I am currently testing a new version that I hope to include in 1.3 release and is continuously rebooting since this morning.

On my tests it hangs more often when powering on the device.
When it hangs I need ~10 cycles and then it boots again complete.

It’s also stopping at the “Loading clock driver…” message?
Did you check if disabling the 3d acceleration fixes the issue?

Yes it also stops at “Loading Clock…” when we power up the device.

The registry change [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Driver\BuiltIn\Clock]
“Enable2D3D”=dword:0 does not solve the problem:

Now it stops here:

Toradex Windows CE 8.0 1.3b4
 for iMX6 Built on Jan 10 2018
Apalis iMX6 Quad 1GB
Wait mode Disabled
SMP support enabled
CPU0 started
CPU1 started
CPU2 started
CPU3 started
Registry - loading version 5 from 17920.
Registry loaded.
ARM DVFS threshold: 396000000MHz 1175mV
ARM DVFS threshold: 792000000MHz 1175mV
ARM DVFS threshold: 996000000MHz 1250mV
ARM DVFS threshold: 1200000000MHz 1275mV
SOC DVFS threshold: 396000000MHz 1175mV
SOC DVFS threshold: 792000000MHz 1175mV
SOC DVFS threshold: 996000000MHz 1250mV
SOC DVFS threshold: 1200000000MHz 1275mV
Loading GPIO Multiplexer...
Done GPIO Multiplexer
Loading Clock...
DVFS not enabled.
Done Clock
Loading SD Bus...
Done SD Bus
Loading SPI1...
Done SPI1
Loading SPI2...
Done SPI2
Loading eMMC...
Done eMMC
Loading UARTA...
Port is used for OS debug!
Loading UARTC...
Loading I2C1...
Done I2C1
Loading I2C2...
Done I2C2
Loading UARTB...
Loading Audio...
Done Audio
Loading CAN1...
Done CAN1
Waiting for flash disk \FlashDisk for 300 seconds
Folder mounted
Loading USB Host Controller...
Done USB Host Controller
Loading Ethernet...
Done Ethernet
TchPdd_Init: Driver Version = 1.0.0
TchBsp_Init: Driver Version = 1.0.0
TchPdd_Init: Success!!
Ethernet: Disconnected
Loading SD card...
Done SD card
Loading external SD interface...
Done external SD interface
Loading HDCP v6...
Done HDCP v6
Loading DHCP v4...
Done DHCP v4
Loading USB OTG...
HidP_GetCaps: sucessful
Loading USB OTG Host...
Done USB OTG Host
Ethernet: Connected at:  100Mbps full duplex
Loading 2D/3D Graphic Accelerator...
GALCORE 4.6.9(9754) (Sep 19 2014 12:04:16)

Sorry, that is the GPU driver.
You can disable it too by setting:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\BuiltIn\GCHAL\] <br/>

Seems to be a workaround. When we change both registry keys the OS boots successful.