WEC2013 compressed format compatibility with CE Library

For WEC2013 1.3b4 you say: “If you plan to update the image using update tool you will need to use the version of update tool that is included in the image download. Compressed image format has been changed and old update tool can’t flash it. If you want to flash from bootloader you’ll need to update bootloader first, reboot and then update the image.”

We have many installations in the field and we like to up- and downgrade the OS and like to stick with the “old” compressed format for a long time. The incompatibility you introduce now for compressed formats would be problematic for us. So it is convenient for us when the Toradex CE Library supports the “old” as well as the “new” compressed OS format.

Question: Are you planning to drop the “old” compressed format from the CE Library one day? We hope not.

New update libraries, update tool and bootloader will support the old format.
We suggest to use the new one because it reduces boot time, but you could flash an old image over the new one if you need to downgrade your OS.