WEC 7 on Colibri iMX6 System Log

Is there any system level log implemented in WEC7 Toradex Colibri image Rev 1.2?
If not, how can I add one?

Dear @marifhossain

There is some logging implemented in the form of debug messages. They can be enabled to be output on the serial port. Please refer to the following developer page article for details:

Ignore the information about the debug message buffer, this feature is not (yet) available for the iMX6.

Regards, Andy

Dear Andy,

I am aware of the debug messages. But I need some system logging, so that, I can see later what happened in the field to determine the cause of a system crash. I need those messages to be stored somewhere in flash memory so that they are available for later viewing for the field errors.


Dear @marifhossain
I’m afraid, there is no such system log feature available in WinCe.
Regards, Andy