WEC 7.0 on Colibri T30 with TLS 1.2 support for connecting to HTTPS server

My application running on T30 with CE6 has been running well communicating a HTTPS server until recently the server gets updated using TLS1.2 protocol.

Microsoft has updated WEC7 with TLS1.2 support earlier this year. I wonder if you have an updated bsp/SDK that has the update included for Colibri t30.

Dear @MichaelFang

TLS 1.2 support was added by Microsoft in the March 2018 update:

The March update was included in our latest BSP release V2.2b4, as stated in our release roadmap:

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Thanks, Andy. How do I get BSP release V2.2b4 from Toradex?

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Dear @MichaelFang

You can simply download the updated image from our developer page:

Regards, Andy