WEC 2013 updates download

Your latest BSP is shown on page WEC iMX6 BSP Release which is version 1.8 based on ‘WinCE 8 Updates: Installed until 2022M03’.
My question is where to download this WEC2013 Update.
I tried the link Download Windows Embedded Compact 2013 Updates from Official Microsoft Download Center but the Downoad button will not work, that means it will download only update ‘December 2021 Wave 7 Release’. I can read the text ‘Any new updates post December 2021 will not be available on Download Center. Please visit https://devicepartner.microsoft.com/ for the latest WEC2013 updates.’

The Toradex 1.8 BSP release is available here. Regarding Microsoft Updates, we kindly suggest reaching out to Microsoft Support for assistance. Please note that Toradex is not responsible for, nor capable of addressing issues related to the Microsoft website.