WEC 2013 EGL and OpenGL ES Release Notes and Documentation

I see that there are new 2D/3D acceleration drivers in the upcoming 2016 Q2 release (Issue 14125 - Include updated 2D and 3D acceleration drivers). Can I please get the release notes and all accompanying documentation from the authors? Or, can you tell me where I can obtain said documentation for myself?

It’s just a minor update and now GPU is enabled also on our Apalis modules (we had an issue there).
We don’t have detailed release notes, I’ll try to get more information.

Thanks Valter. If it’s just an update for Apalis, that’s all the information I need. But I’d still like to get the documentation for the library. If I do a dumpbin /exports on the .dll, I see that there are functions there that are not documented in the OpenGL standard docs. Furthermore, there are some opaque pointers that are typed as void* and it is not clear which native type those should be. I would also like to know which OpenGL extensions have been implemented, and which haven’t, and any caveats that may exist with the implementation. Formal documentation from the library authors should give me that information.