WEC 2013 - BSP1.4b4 - CE Lib 2.3 - update of compressed OS image fails


we’re building a custom OS using BSP 1.4b4.

Update of the compressed image fails, either using the update tool or using the update libraries v2.3.4469.
The uncompressed image is working.

I copied nk.bin and nk.nb0 to a test directory and called packimage manually, this is the output:

C:\test>packimage .
Image in .\nk.bin is 79430916bytes

Input file size : 79430916 bytes
Output file size: 53904909 bytes
Gain            : 32.14%
Splash screen .\splash.tss not available.

Did someone sucessfully used compressed images with BSP 1.4b4?

I got a preliminary version of packimage.exe from Toradex which is working correctly.
This fixed version will be included in the final release of BSP 1.4.