Webinterface file sharing is not possible In iMX6 with WEC7 V1.1 release

Enter Command “net use \computerName\FlashDisk” from the host PC.
Enter user name password.
System error 1920 is output.

I confirmed the sharing setting of Webinterface, but it was set correctly.

When it was V1.1beta2, it was possible to share the file with no problem with the same setting.

I tried from my Windows 10 PC and, after enabling file server on ENET1 (but you already did that since you got password request), I was able to connect using admin user.
I am connecting from a Windows 10 PC, are you using a different OS on your PC or a different user account?

The setting of “Adapters enabled for File Server” was unchecked.

I’m sorry I did not notice the basic thing.

This is quite strange, because your PC was anyway asking for username/pwd. Maybe PC was caching this information locally and prompting before actually trying to connect to the server.
Is anyway good to know that issue is now solved.