WebGL on Colibri T30

we are working on a customer project, to have Chromium with WebGl on Colibri-T30 running.

Unfortunately WebGL is not working neither on Firefox nor Chromium within your reference implementation from your web side.

Do you know about any restrictions in combination with the NVIDIA Tegra T30 grafik drivers.

under " http://get.webgl.org/" comes the message:

" hmm. while your browser seems to support webgl it is disabled or unavailable…"

WebGL- is still HW-Accelerated (chome://gpu)

Hello @rosebud ,

Thank you for your post on community.

Could you tell us which version of WebGl are you trying to use? Meanwhile, could you also please confirm if the Webgl disable flag is not active as shown in the thread below:
How can I enable WebGL in my browser? - Super User.

BR, Janani