WebBrowser Control issue WinCE VF61

Hi, I have a problem with WebControl WinCE I try versions 6, 7 and both have the same issue. I found the same problem here WebControl Exactly this is the point you don’t implement iexplorer.exe file in your image.

Dear @KriSS
As described in the post
WCE 7 standard image. Support for WebBrowser Control on .NET 3.5 CF
the WebControl requires the availability of InternetExplorer in the image.

We don’t add this feature to our standard image, because it would require a higher version of the WinCe license, adding significant costs.

If you need this feature, you will have to build your own customized image, and purchase the WinCe professional license from your local Microsoft distributor.

Regards, Andy

Thank you Andy,
It is mean all of yours images(CE6,7,8) are without IE components?

Hi @KrisSS
Yes, exactly. We can help you with adding IE to the image, but there’s still the licensing you would need to take care of.
Regards, Andy