Web Servers for VF50 on Linux

We have Colibri VF50 and we want to have web server on it. We want to have simple web-interface to show remotely some processes controled by VF50 (so, we need ASP and AJAX).
So, the question is: are there any web servers for Embedded Linux that approved for VF50? Or does anyone have any experience with some web servers on this module?
I know that we can solve this issue with simple application working with sockets. But this solution is not apropriate for us. Also we want to use some DB and want to have ability to make some requests to DB through CGI. Does anyone have any suggestions for this issue?

While we do not have any particular recommendations for web server, one may try the available web servers in meta-webserver layer of OpenEmbedded. At some point I have also tested lighttpd with Python and CGI. For traditional RDBMS there is sqlite, mariadb and postgres.