Wdg_Refresh() seems not to work with VF61

We are trying to use the newly available watchdog for VF61 (Toradex CE Libraries 1.8) using P/Invoke from C# (.NET CF 3.5).

We can initialize the watchdog with Wdg_init(‘WDG1’) or VybWdg_Init(‘WDG1’), and call Wdg_Refresh() or VybWdg_Refresh() respectively every 500ms (we get “true” as a return value), but exactly 10 seconds after the call to *_Init(), the system resets. This happens when we debug, but also when we simply run the application on the VF61.

What are we missing?

See attached example project.

What version of BSP do you use?

Ver: 1.3 (CE 6.0)
Built: 30.6.2016

WDT is only supported in 1.4Beta1. You can download it from here →

Thanks for the info. Yes, this was the mistake.

But it would be great, if you could add this somewhere in the release description of the CE Libraries since it is not obvious (nor recommended for professional use) to have a final release library being only compatible with a beta version BSP-