WCE 7 standard image. Support for WebBrowser Control on .NET 3.5 CF

I am trying to use a WebBrowser control in a form app (developed with VS2008, C#) running on a T20 with the standard WCE 7 image and .NET CF 3.5.

The control does not seem functional (it does not render html code at all).

Is the engine for the WebBrowser control included in the standard WCE 7 image?

For completeness see the code I am trying (the control remains blank, nothing is rendered):

        StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
        webBrowser1.DocumentText = sb.ToString();

The WebBrowser is just a wrapper for the Internet Explorer, which needs to be part of the image. If you use our standard Image, this is not the case. You have to build an image, that includes the webbroser component.