WCE 2013 autorun problem

I have installed CE8 into IMX6 module in IRIS base board.
It responds to ping and telnet is asking login information .

Problem is that I cannot add telnet/ftp user/password because USB disk Autorun don’t run any of my programs.

I have tried exe compiled from cpp with CE6 SDK and another exe created with Dot.NET 2.0.
None of them are executed in CE8 but both are executed on Colibri T20 and CE6.
However if I create a shortcut starting .cmd file and and that .cmd file starts ping it is executed.

Is Dot.NET included in image 1.0 and is CE8 supposed to run exe made with CE6 SDK?

Windows Embedded Compact 2013 is not binary compatible with previous releases of Windows CE.
You can run Windows Embedded Compact 7 on i.mx6, that is binary compatible, or you can rebuild your applications using our Windows Embedded 2013 SDK for Visual Studio 2013 and 2015.

Thanks for tour answer. It works now.