I’m working with the following hardware and bsp:

  • Apalis imx8qm V1.1B
  • Carrier Ixora V1.2A
  • BSP 5.0

I’m back to work on this project after a long time, since the porting from BSP 4.0 (and Apalis V1.0B) is not possible I’m realizing a system starting from 0.
I followed your instruction at this link and I was able to compile tdx-reference-multimedia-image.
After that I created my own layer (meta-mectronic) and my own image as describere here.

I didn’t add Hello-World and I simply used your custom-console-image.bb without Hello-World package.

Reading the recipe I thought I would have a desktop and a console on the desktop but the only thing I get is that on the display I see a part of the messages that also appear on the debug console.
I am connected to the display via HDMI cable, before moving everything to LVDS I would like to solve this point.
Why the Desktop and the console are not called automatically despite the packages have been included in the recipe of my image?

I’m sorry for the stupid question but it is a long time I don’t work on Yocto.

Hi @Merlin,

those messages on the display and debug console do not contain anything about weston start problem or wayland issues etc.?

I am working with an image derived from tdx-reference-multimedia-image, because I am planning to use Qt. In my case, weston is started automatically when kernel is fully loaded. By default, demo app is launched, but it is handled by a service which can be stopped from the debug console and it is possible to see original weston screen with a panel with an icon of a terminal - it can be used to start a terminal from the display directly.
Working with weston and wayland required for me removing x11 from DISTRO_FEATURES and modifying weston.ini file because of used g2d renderer. Not mentioning the display calibration, which also comes in handy.

To be honest, I have never tried custom-console-image.bb. I used Toradex minimal image example to prepare u-boot and kernel. Then I used multimedia image example to prepare everything around weston, wayland and Qt. If you can, you should try tdx-reference-multimedia-image to make sure everything works on your side. Then, you can start to get rid of packages you are not planning to use. I am expecting no problems with weston in any official Toradex image.

Best regards,

Hi @John1,
Thanks for your answer.
I found a solution to my problem and now I have weston starting in the right way at start-up.
I’m working with Cranksoftware so my next step is to find the right position to put my start-application service.
I did it in the past with release 4.0 and I hope it won’t be complicated.

Before doing this I have to move display output on LVDS instead of HDMI, I have already get Kernel source code and I will work on it.


Hi @Merlin,

good to here everything is running. I wish you success in your project.

Best regards,