Wayland compositors other than Weston on iMX8?

Considering the Apalis iMX8 for a project, however I need to use a composer other than weston such as sway.

Is anyone able to confirm/test if sway works? It seems like a patched version of weston must be used for the iMX8.



Hi @quentinf and Welcome to the Toradex Community!

Unfortunately we don’t have any experience using Sway on iMX8. Maybe there is a way to use sway on iMX8 but I strongly advise you to not use anything else then Weston. The issue is that currently the whole graphic stack is proprietary from NXP and it is only supported in downstream Kernel from NXP. Using anything other than the downstream Kernel drivers or Weston compositor will ask lot of effort and lot of issues will be there.

Best regards,