WAV Audio Playback Slow Playback/Off-pitch

We’ve been having an issue with audio playback since updating to 1.4b2 WEC2013. It seems that audio playback of .wav files in slower than it should be, and the pitch is slightly lowered. The scope images below show the duration and frequency measurement of what should be a 1kHz test tone played for 5 seconds. However, the tone is played for 5.48 seconds, and measured to be ~913 Hz.

Any explanation and/or fix is greatly appreciated.


It seems that clock frequency driving the codec or the I2S interface is not configured correctly. We are going to try to reproduce the issue as soon as possible and then I hope to be able to give you an estimate for solution or a workaround.

Dear @echoone,

We found the issue and it has been fixed. We are planning to release with 1.4b4 which we are planning to release in Q3 2018. Could you please wait till that?

Is there an update that can be made to the BSP to correct the issue until 1.4b4 is released? We would like to implement a fix as soon as possible.

you can find a new dll.
This a preliminary and not fully tested version.
Tested fix will be part of 1.4b4 release.
If you build your own image using binary BPS you can just overwrite the original file.
If you use our images you should:

  • copy file to \flashdisk\system

  • rename it to wavedev2_sgtl5000_1.dll

  • use registry editor to change registry entry under



  • Save registry
  • Reboot your device