Watchdog issue

Hi all,
i got an issue trying to use the watchdog on linux. I followed the example given in
to test the watchdog reboot. So I commented out the send_magic() call, ran the program, gave Ctrl+C and waited.
After 60 secs the system restarts but It hangs during booting, on the line “cpu-tegra: init EDP limit: 1250 MHz”.

Triggering the module RESET pin works well, what a I doing wrong??

Thanks all!

What exact BSP version are you talking about? I suspect that what you are seeing is the following issue already fixed in our latest BSP 2.7b3.

I am using the binary image “Colibri_T30_LinuxImageV2.6_20160826.tar.bz2”.
Following your link it seems I have to update the bootloader, am I right?

Yes, correct. Just updating the boot loader should suffice.

Ok, I have updated the boot loader and it works fine now!

Thanks for the help!