Watchdog issue on T20

I have created a simple watchdog application for WinCe. This application is sending refresh events in 5sec interval like this:

HANDLE hWdg = Wdg_Init(L"WDG1");
if (hWdg == NULL)
    return 0;

while (true)
    Wdg_Refresh(hWdg, 10000);

On one board is running ok, system is reseting after 10s timeout.
But on another T20 board not working properly. After timeout system is frozen (not restarted, display is black, looks like shutdown process).
Is there a some special settings? Power control or something?
Second strange behavior is when usb micro connector is connected to my PC evething working without problem.

I use: WinCE 7, Image 2.4 on Colibri T20 board revision 1.2, Iris Carier 2.0 board.


Could you enable serial debug output and collect logs from debug UART for both cases?
Could you also specify full model of your Colibri T20? Like Colibri T20 256MB IT V1.2C

I created 2 logs on Colibri T20 256MB V1.2A boards:

  • image version 1.4 - ok
  • image version 2.4 - failed (black screen)

wd-log-1.4-ok.txt (3.5 KB)
wd-log-2.4-failed.txt (3.1 KB)

I found out that if bootloader 2.0 and system image 2.4 are used, it is working ok.
Is it possible problem in new bootloader?

What version of the Toradex CE library are you using?
Could you try to enable a HW watchdog?

I use latest version of library 2.5.
HW watchdog is disabled, because we need to use SW watchdog.