Watchdog in u-boot for Apalis iMX8

how can you manage/enable the CPU watchdog in u-boot with Apalis-iMX8 QP ?
I am using BSP Toradex 5.4.0

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I recommend you give the following article a quick read. If it is unclear feel free to reach out again.

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Hi @kevin.tx thank you for answering.
We have a lot of experience with different CPUs like i.MX6 i.MX7 i.MX8M where watchdog is completely supported and perfectly working in the u-boot bootloader.
Unfortunately this is a very specific case with i.MX8 QP where the watchdog in SCFW is apparently not implemented in u-boot, therefore I asked if Toradex is providing any solution.
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You might have a look at this community post. It seems like this is related to what you’re trying to achieve.

Adding SCFW API to u-boot

Let me know if this is helping you.

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