WAKE_MICO polarity

Table 3-1 in the Apalis TK1 Datasheet lists MXM3 pin 37 as WAKE1_MICO, tied to PEX_WAKE_N of the NVIDIA TK1 SoC. This is also identically indicated in tables 6-5 and 6-24. The Apalis Ixora carrier datasheet lists the signal WAKE1_MICO# on connector X27 pin 3, tied to MXM3 pin 37, implying active low with the pound suffix. Can I safely assume the WAKE1_MICO signal in the TK1 datasheet is active low, or is it active high on pin 37 the MXM3 and is being inverted on the carrier?

We recommend using the WAKE1_MICO# signal as active low. This make sure the design is compatible with other Apalis modules. However, the TK1 would allow to change the level by a register.