Vybrid Colibri VF50 - format SD card from command line console

Dear all,
I am wondering is it possible to format SD card from Vybrid VF50 console instead of storage manager? I also looking for console solution of saving registry.
I would use it for automation purpose.
Thanks, Marton

Dear @martkiss

I’m afraid we don’t have a console command for formatting the SD card. It should be rather easy to build such a tool yourself, calling Storage manager API functions.

To save the registry, you can simply execute our UpdateTool:

update.exe /fu

Regards, Andy

Thanks for the help Andy!

I am trying to backup registry to USB from console.
update.exe /s registry,raw,\Temp\reg.bin should work?


Dear @martkiss
Please open a new question for this unrelated topic.
Regards, Andy