VxWorks 7 on iMX8

Does anyone have any experience porting VxWorks7 over to an iMX8 SOM?


Sorry for the delay.
I am not directly aware of customers using VxWorks on our modules. However, Windriver does have a BSP for the i.MX8 family. We have good connections with Windriver and our support is happy to help out. Please send us an email with some project details and we will help to coordinate with Windriver.

Also just for your information, we see quite some projects with QNX, we even have a ready-to-use evaluation BSP for several of the i.MX8-based modules.

Additionally the microcontrollers in the i.MX8 SoCs allow in many cases to separate the hard real-time/functional safety part from the rest of the system to increase development time and lower cost. Let us know if you like to talk about it.