VScode on WSL cannot see new release for Torizon Extensions

I had already reported this issue during the ApolloX beta stage (see here or here) but I’ve just seen it has not fixed yet.

  • On Windows 11 machine, new release 2.4.1 cannot be seen at all. The only way is uninstalling 2.4.0 and installing Torizon IDE Extension again. In this way, 2.4.1 is installed. After the installation, the number 2.4.120 is shown on the right of the extension name. After a page refresh, the number is changed to 2.4.1
  • On Windows 10 machine, new release 2.4.1 is not seen here
    But if I start typing torizon, then the updates are seen, as in the following image

Maybe this can help understanding what happens.

Hey @vix

can I use this post to open an issue in VS Code Issues · microsoft/vscode (github.com) ?
As in the docs say, the extension should be automatically updated if the user did not change this setting.

Also, I’m considering run a command in the startup of the extension to “manually” update using the code cli :thinking:.


A ticket about the pre-release being show, v2.4.120, instead of the released version v2.4.1 is already open: VSCode Marketplace shows the latest version of pre-release instead of released version · Issue #445 · microsoft/vsmarketplace (github.com)


Yes, sure.