VS2008 TCP/IP connection to Toradex SoM needs to be reconfigured for IP address every ime when using DHCP


My Toradex Colibri Eval board is set up to use DHCP, due to which the IP address is updated almost everyday when I power On the device.

The issue that I face is that when I have to connect by device to VS2008 for deployment or debugging, I have to configure the IP address daily.

Is there a way for the VS2008 to discover WINCE device automatically on the network and I am not using hte device configuration options optimally?

Dear @kapeed

VS2008 does not offer such a feature. One possible reason is that it would be unclear which target you want to debug if there would be multiple targets in the same network.

There are multiple solutions to this annoyance:

  1. Configure your Colibri iMX7 to use a fixed IP. You need to make sure that …
  • you are using an IP in a range that is not used for dyncamic IPs
  • the selected IP does not conflict with any other fixed IP in the same network
  1. Configure the DHCP server to use a longer lease time, for example 24h. DHCP servers usually assign the same IP if a device logs into the network within the lease time.
  2. Add a router with DHCP functionality between your company network and your Development PC & target. This way you get your local subnet and can manage the settings of the DHCP server locally.

Regards, Andy