VS-Code Torizon Extension v2 (Apollo X) - Host install pip requirements failed

Hai, I’m running VS-Code with Torizon IDE Extension - Apollo X on the Ubuntu Platform and the Hardware was Colibri IMX6ULL 1GB with Colibri Evaluation Board.

As per the Quick start guide, I had completed the os installation and First Steps with Torizon. After that moving to the next step of developing application in Torizon, i did the steps as mentioned in the guide.

I had faced the issue when running the program,

Torizon: host-install-pip-requirements failed.

I had attached the image for the reference, Kindly check it and let me know the solution to this problem.

Hi @Jegan,

We are marking this post closed since your are able to solve issue using pipx. Please do add your comment here if you like to share further info on solution which can help other community members as well facing similar issue.

Best Regards
Ritesh Kumar