VS Code Toradex plugin for NodeJS project?

We are evaluating switching to Colibri iMX8X for a bunch of our projects. We however mainly develop in NodeJS and I see that the VS Code plugin only generates .NET, ASP, C/C++ and Python projects.

My question is, are there any tutorials out there for using the VS Code plugin with just a minimal Debian docker image and be able to set up the environment yourself? I already have a dockerized project that I want to use with this.

I generated a python project and was going to go through all the files and remove any python references but its hard to tell what is auto generated and if things will just get overwritten. I think I read somewhere the Dockerfile.debug is auto generated.

The integration in VS code via Torizen looks nice and I’d like to use its capabilities. I imagine this is possible, would be nice if the plugin could generate just a simple project with the Debian image however and nothing else installed.

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Add me to the interest list here. What I have resorted to is building the docker image that I load onto the box but running it locally using the ARM64 emulator on my PC. It doesn’t give me VS Code debugging directly, but it does give me the ability to run my React project directly from VS Code and connect to the backend running locally.

It could be an interesting tool

Interesting. Following…

NodeJS would be nice environment to develop an IOT UI to setup the IOT wifi to connect to another WiFi network.

  1. IOT acts like a hotspot on first power-up
  2. Connect phone to “IOT-hotspot”
  3. NodeJs displays an IOT portal to allow user to configure additional SSID’s to search for and connect to
  4. IOT device auto-connects to SSID in future

Hi everyone, it’s good to see this much interest in a potential new feature. Given the interest generated here we’ll make sure this gets discussed amongst our IDE extensions teams.

Out of curiosity, are there any specific features or use-cases you all are interested in regarding NodeJS?

Or would just the ability to generate a generic NodeJS based project suffice?

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Hey Jeremias, great to see Toradex is active in their community!

Personally, I think keeping it a generic NodeJS based project would appeal to the largest crowd (with just LTS Node pre installed), at least to begin with.

Down the road, we do have plans to use this for a project that will require a UI and my plan would be to run a NodeJS server and would want to boot directly to a web browser in kiosk mode. Quick google search shows you guys already provide a container for this! Would be nice to be able to auto generate a project that sets that up as well to load say localhost:3000 or something.

I think those are two generic use cases that would the most beneficial to have. NodeJS has so many frameworks and tooling (aka express/react/angular/webpack/rollup/etc) that picking one is always going to upset someone.

Hi @jeremias.tx,

I would think this would be a popular use case for an example.

NodeJS Portal to Setup IOT WiFi to Connect to Home/Work/Phone WiFi network.

  1. IOT acts like a wifi hotspot access point on first power-up
  2. Connect phone to “IOT-hotspot”
  3. NodeJs displays an IOT portal to allow user to scan & configure additional SSID’s for IOT to connect to
  4. IOT device auto-connects as client to SSID in future

These are all definitely good feedback and use-cases for us to consider. Appreciate you all taking the time to share.

Obviously I can’t promise anything at this time, but do know we will discuss this given the amount of feedback we’ve gotten on this thread.

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