VS 2013 triggers a breakpoint in CAN function

In my application, as well as in the CAN-Test program, the function Imx7Can_Read() triggers a breakpoint if no messages are received.
If a message receives, there is no problem.
But if the timeout expire, the following exception occurs:


If I press “Break” and want to step through the code, VS asked me to search after can_fastflex.cpp.
There is also a output from console: "Unknown: DEBUGCHK failed in file .\src\can_fastFlex.cpp at line 467 "

In the release notes form the libs (see here) I can’t find something in relation to that problem.

If i press “Continue” the code works fine.
For me it’s not really a bug, but the window is very annoying while debugging.

In the current version of the libraries, there are quite a number of ASSERTs to locate error sources.
In this particular case the debug break is only because of the timeout that you mentioned.

    ASSERTMSG(L"CAN Error: Timeout occurred\n\r", FALSE);

Meanwhile we got more than one complaint that this is more annoying than helping. We will improve the error reporting in future versions of the library by replacing the ASSERTs by debug / retail messages.

Perfect, thanks for the fast answer.