Voltage input range for accessories

I have an ixora V1.2A board and Apalis imx8 module, the specifications for board state that power supply voltage can be between 7 and 27 V, however it seems all other accessories are powered (sized) by 12 V(display, Fan etc.) only. I powered the board using 19V, assuming it was safe for the board, however when I connected the display it didn’t turn on, (shouldn’t there be some internal protection for accessory devices in case of invalid voltage range). I just learnt that the supply line is directly connected to the LVDS display, and it is most probably fried now. Even though I only applied 19V for a couple of seconds, it is probably dead now. I think it is a bad design to recommend a different voltage range for the board (7-27 V) and then use the same voltage line to power accessories that work at different voltage (12V).

Apparently, I misunderstood something, the display seems to work only on 3.3 V, but i dont understand why there is a warning on the page if this is the case.

For LVDS i didnt know I have to enable device overlays for it to work I thought it would work directly. (I just saw a blank screen and thought it was damaged due to over voltage.).

for fan the supplied fan is rated at 12V, but the power line (7-27V) is connected directly with the fan. I already fried one fan by running the board at 19V,

From Ixora carrier board Datasheet:
3.2.1 Power Supply Connectors
Ixora provides two methods of supplying power to the board:

  • The connector X2, which is a standard 5.5mm power jack barrel connector which is widely used
    in consumer electronic devices.
  • The connector X3, which is a pluggable, dual-pin male screw type terminal block which is widely
    used in industrial applications. This connector is not assembled by default.
    The connectors X2 and X3 are directly connected to the power output connector X4, to the FAN connector X6 and to the LVDS connector X19. For this reason, when the 12V voltage supply is required on these emphasized textconnectors, the input voltage must be 12V +/-10%.

3.9.2 LVDS Connector (X19)

Pin        Signal name                  Voltage

Ok, so is there a way to determine if the board is completely dead after apply 19v, or maybe I can still recover it?

Nevermind I was able to make it work using device overlays