Voip on VF61

Does anyone know whether it is possible to create a P2P VoIP application in VF61. Linux or WinCE. I purpose to do this in the LAN. thanks

It is certainly possible to do VoIP, the question is probably how much work it will be and which 3rd party software you will need to use. VoIP is a vast term, it really depends what your exact requirements are. Do you want to use a specific standard? How many peers are involved? Do they need to be able to call each other independently or in one conference call? Does it need a user interface?

Ideas to consider under Linux:

  • Using GStreamer and RTP to connect remote ends manually, and directly
  • SIP based solutions (e.g. Linphone, or a console based soft-phone solution like PJSIP)

Note: Toradex does not provide application level support, we did not test those applications. Those solutions from the free software pool, which are likely portable on our ARM based modules.

hi, thanks for answering. The p2p communication is direct, no conference, no need user interface, the call will be established through a GPIO event. Better if the communication was VF61 to PC under windows.

Video call is not necessary, but is good.

There is a 3rd party software to be tested?


For WinCE if you plan to implement everything on your own at application level than its possible to do it.

It is not recommended to use Microsoft components for VOIP as they do not support them anymore.