Visual studio code exension not installing

I am new to Torizon and am trying to install the Torizon core extension in visual studio code.
I keep getting this “Initializing Torizon Extension: Checking Docker…” message at the bottom right of visual studio code. The Torizon core extension core con appears in the left-hand pane with configuration, Devices and Info menus all appear with a progress bar indicating something is loading. Tried it on two different laptops, with the same result. Tried running visual studio code as admin, but that didn’t make any difference.
Could you help with this, please?


Never mind, all sorted. Had to install docker hub first, windows subsystem for Linux, enable virtualization in Windows etc.(plus a few other things I can’t remember) and it appears to be working.
Is there a step by step installation guide for this? Otherwise I will try to put something together and post it here?

Greetings @Pillasaar,

Glad you were able to resolve the issue. All the requirements and prerequisites for our Visual Studio Code extension should be listed/referenced on this page: Visual Studio Code Extension for Torizon

Make sure you’re looking at the prerequisites/requirements for the right OS (Windows vs Linux).

Best Regards,