Visual studio 2013, not including .net 3.9 framework after SDK install

I have installed Visual studio 2013, microsoft application manager, and Toradex_CE8_SDK revision 5 on my PC. When beginning a new project I have no option to select the .NET 3.9 framework, which if I’m not mistaken is meant to be a function I should gain access to after the Toradex sdk install. This is the framework WEC2013 works off. I have tried installing the SDK through command prompt as an administrator, this seemed to have no effect. On checking my “about” tab in visual studio the SDK does not show up as having been installed.

Any idea how I might fix this issue.

Dear @smily,

If you are seeing .NET Framework 4 or .NET Framework 4.5 then please select that and develop your application. Deployment and testing the application requires .NET should be installed on the module that can be done by following this documentation :

If you didn’t see this blog: Application development on Windows Embedded Compact 2013

Please let us know if you have any other questions.