Visual Studio 2008 cannot open project

I try to open a Visual Studio 2008 project, but it only says “The project file cannot be loaded”.

I installed the “Windows Embedded Compact 7 SDK” and when I create a ne smart device project for CE I get these things in my project file:

  <NativePlatformName>Windows CE</NativePlatformName>

The project I want to open has this values in its project file:


Where do I get the SDK to read and create this type of project files?

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You can set this once you create a project.

  1. File → New - > Project…
  2. Select “Other Languages” / Visual C# / Smart Device and choose “Smart Device Project”.
  3. The next dialogue shows a box “Target Platform” as shown in this print screen:
  4. Choose the Toardex_CE700 or what ever Native Platform you want do create.

If you have an existing project, I don’t know where this can be changed. Probably the easiest way is to manually fix this in the project file.

Hello @samuel.tx,

thanks for your answer!

But I cannot choose the Target Platform “Toradex_CE700” - I only have “Pocket PC 2003” and “Windows CE” if I try to create a new “Smart Device C#” project.

If I try to create a c++ project for smart devices (e.g with the Silverlight for Embedded Project Wizard) I can choose between “Toradex_CE700” and “Toradex_CE600”.

But now I want to do a c# project.

Any idea why it does not work?


Seems like there is an issue with your installation. Did you once try to reinstall our SDKs?

I had to completely uninstall the “Windows Embedded Compact 7 SDK” and after a reinstall it worked.

I tried to do a “Repair Installation” and a “Modify Installation” before, but that didn’t work.

Please fix your installer.

@habakuk: Which WEC 7 SDK did you exactly use? The one from MS or ours? Could you share the link of the SDK you have been using?

@samuel.tx I used the Toradex SDK (

@habakuk: So it seems that our installer is basically OK. We are aware of issues with the installing order. Unfortunatly we can not fix this in our installer. Thanks for sharing your results anyway.