Visual Code: User is not enabled to execute commands as root. :: Error (524) - User root is not enabled to execute commands as root

When I’m trying to add device to my torizon project using Visual Code to connect to Colibri imx7 through Network (ip address), I got this error

Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

Hi @Achref !

Can you please share the output of tdx-info?

Also, which version of VSCode extension for Torizon are you using?

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Hi @henrique.tx
Thanks for the reply
This is the output of tdx-info

With VSCode extension for Torizon v1.5.1 (not the early access)

FYI, I could connect to the board using command line (ssh command) but I couldn’t do that with the VS Code


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an other problem also, that VS Code couldn’t detect the board not only through Network but also through Serial Port (despite I switched JP17, JP19, JP20, JP21 to activate USB functionality, and Windows can detect the COM port).
is there a configuration missing in VS Code?

Thanks in advance

HI @Achref !

From the output of tdx-info, you are not using TorizonCore on your module. The Extension only works with TorizonCore OS.

Please have a look at the documentation:

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Hi @henrique.tx
Thanks for this information,
so I switched to use command line (cross-compilation for linux), and started to work with CAN bus, I started to read this

but it seems an archived website, do you recommend an other link to follow steps for configuring environment and compiling an example of CAN bus.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Achref !

From this, I understood that your problem was solved, right?

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