Viola in Altium Bin 5 pcb file

Pls provide me the BIN 5.0 PCB / project for the Viola board to import into Circuitstudio

Also is there a Colibri IMX6 library file for the SOM pls?

Design files for Viola board available here -

Could you please specify which “Colibri IMX6 library” are you asking about?

Thank you for the reply however the issue persist as below I just tried again:

The Toradex link for the board states Altium V10 that I downloaded
When importing with the latest Circuitstudio then setting Altium 5/6 type it sees no project files
Setting import to all types it sees the project file however the error resulting states invalid format
From info I have seen on the web is that CS can import Altium BIN 5.0 files whatever that may be so the files on the Toradex page is not BIN 5.0

I converted from Eagle to CS now so in Eagle I would grab a library file for the Colibri IMX6 SOM and it would have all schematic/pcb connections/outlines so wanting to do the same with CS? Is this possible as it will save me a lot of work adding all the bus lines/descriptions etc

We are planning to provide the parts library in different formats in the future but right now we only have the Altium project avaliable.