Video play in Qt using GPU

Hello Sir,

I am using Imx6DL 512MB 1.1V with iris 2.0A carrier board for advertisement display. I have written application in QT creator for playing video using Qvideowidget successfully.
When I have checked CPU utilization using top command it is more than 100% for play this video but when I am playing this video using gstreamer it is around 18-20% only,
I per my knowledge this issue might be related to GPU (Vivente). If so how I can enable GPU in my Qt application and reduce CPU utilization like as gstreamer.
Please look at attached screen shoot for more about issuelink text

I am using standard multimedia image prepared using bitbake BSP version 5.0.0

dk Rajpoot

Hi Deepak,

Can you more detail on BSP version ? Are you building image or using from Toradex?

Have you tried running gst pipeline in qt using qmedia player?

Have you already tested QtGStreamer ?

Can you try with EGLFS backend and see if you face same issue?

Give us some time to check at our end and we will come back with our findings.
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Ritesh Kumar

Dear Ritesh,
Yes I have build my own image torizon 5.1 using bitbake (tdx-reference-multimedia-image).
In my knowledge there is no option to set gst pipeline in qmedia player, if so kindly provide some details.
QTgstreamer - Is it included in standard multimedia image or i have to include in local.conf?

I have tried eglfs but display not support message is coming on terminal (./display -platform eglfs). please find enclosed outputalt text

In reference to above I have tried gst pipeline in qmediaplayer as well but gst output (sink ) is not controllable in Qvideowidget. Please advise how gst video sink can be rendered in Qvideowidget.


Hi @deepakrajpoot

I Quickly tested local video playing with qt5 with my setup and my CPU usage is not more than 60%. Please find the attached snapshots.
link text

Hi ashok.tx
Thanks for sharing your input. And as attached imx6 output "Warning: “A lot of buffers are being dropped.”, means cpu drops lot of packet while playing, might be the probable cause of over cpu uses.
I have used multimedia image. Have you used the same and corresponding SDK ?


Hello @deepakrajpoot ,

Have you already checked this ticket here:

Seems to be a similar issue to me.

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