Video loop doesn't work on WEC 2013

Hi community,
we are trying to render a .mp4 video in loop using direct show with a c# wrapper. When loop mode is enabled the video stops right after the restart and CPU goes to 100%.
The same behaviour is present using the standard video player provided with windows. Any suggestion?

I was able to reproduce this issue. I have added an issue to the roadmap, it will appear on the road map once it is reviewed. Did you tried to stop/play as well as seek to the beginning position?

Yes @samuel.tx, stop/play seems to work. Furthermore we have seen that .wmv files doesn’t have this probem but , depending on the actual codec used, there is an enormous CPU load. Just to sum up:

• .mp4 => no video loop, normal CPU usage

• .wmv (codec WMV2) => video loop OK but CPU goes to 100% while playing and the video doesn’t start to play until you move the position of the player window.

• .wmv (codec WMV3, WVC1) => OK

I can provide you with some video examples if needed.

@lerimini: Thanks for the update. I have added this information to the internal issue tracking system. Is this a critical issue for your product?