Vibration test for apalis modules


Are there any vibration test reports for apalix imx6 ? I came across the below link for colibri family.

vibration and shock tests will be an important factor in my application. For colibri family, there are the colibri fasteners but as far as I see I cannot use them with the apalis family.


You can screw in Apalis module to you carrier board as it done on Apalis Evaluation board and Ixora. Please chek picture attached.


Thanks for your pointer so am I correct to say that if I screw in my apalis board then I will have the same vibration and shock performance listed on toradex webpage ?

Hi @rifo,
I would like to add some more information related to this topic. We have been working hard to perform vibration and shock test on modules and carrier boards belonging to both the Apalis and Colibri families.

I would say that we should have some preliminary documents to be shared with our customers by the end of next month.

Regarding the specific question, I would assume that if you use screws to secure the Apalis module on the Ixora carrier boards, you should be able to have the performances mentioned in the Toradex website. Of course, this is only an assumption, for the tangible proof we need to carry these test.

I really hope it helps, please don’t hesitate to use again the Toradex community if needed.