VF61 with Win CE6 on A5: reserve part of DDR for M4

I need to reserve a portion of DDR for M4 core and so I need that Win CE6 on A5 core doesn’t use it.

Probably I need to build my own Win CE6 image, right?

Is there some documentation on how to limit the memory available for WIn CE6?

Or is there an easy solution?

Would it be different if I need to reserve a portion for sharing data between the cores (I mean Win CE6 should see the memeory but can’t use it for the OS)?


inside bootloader there is a configuration called mem. It has 2 sections videoram and reservedram. You can change reservedram size and it will reserve memory at the end of DDR that you can use then.

Sorry for my late feedback.
I found and set mem.reservedram in the bootloader.

One more question: Colibri VF61 module has 256 MB of RAM.
Is it mapped from 0x8000000 to 0x8FFFFFFF addresses?
And so, does the RAM I reserve for M4 starts from 0x8FFFFFFF downwards?


Yes, you are right. Thank you.