VF61 / Viola - developing FreeRTOS-apps under MCUXpresso


We have VF61 and Viola and we would like to develop FreeRTOS-apps for Cortex-M4 core of VF61 under MCUXpresso IDE.

How to prepare this IDE as full developing toolchain, including loading compiled project to the M4-core and debugging?
Is it possible? If yes, could you explain step by step with screenshots.

I downloaded sources from there: GitHub - toradex/FreeRTOS-Colibri-VF61: FreeRTOS for Colibri VF61.
There is a document “Getting_Started_with_FreeRTOS_BSP_for_iMX_7Dual.pdf” (why for iMX7?) where is described how to build demo apps under “IAR Embedded Workbench IDE” or “DS-5 IDE”.
But in the subdirectory “vf6xx_colibri_m4” of the “examples”-directory there are no ready-to-use IAR or DS-5 projects, there is “armgcc”-subdir only. How to prepare any IDE-based toolchain or workspace for samples of vf6xx_colibri_m4 subdirectory?


These subdirs “iar” and “ds5” for each example are available only in subdirectories “imx7*”:

Also I tried to make build for project “examples/imx7d_sdb_m4/demo_apps/hello_world/iar/”, but there are 4 linking errors:

Hi @Volodymyr!

Unfortunately we don’t have any specific tooling or IDE integration besides what NXP already offers.

Inside the armgcc directory on the demo applications you’ll find cmake-based build scripts (e.g. https://github.com/toradex/FreeRTOS-Colibri-VF61/blob/master/examples/vf6xx_colibri_m4/demo_apps/hello_world/armgcc/build_all.sh). It should be possible to import these configurations manually into MCUXpresso IDE.

Also, you can copy/modify these projects and scripts to suit your own project.

Other than that, we have some legacy documentation here about configuring Eclipse with these FreeRTOS project - the guide is for the iMX7 but you should be able to apply it to the VF61 as well. This could be a starting point for configuring MCUXpresso since it’s Eclipse-based.