VF61 V1.2A no loading

I use the product in an industrial washing machine. I think it lost the operating system because it gets stuck “Loading …”. How can I resoften it?

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I’d start with enabling debug UART output to see where it stuck.
You can re-flash a base OS following this steps but you need to get a control app for your machine somewhere.

Hello. My washing machine has the same problem as above - it looks like the app won’t load. I have a working board. Can I try to download an application from a working board and upload it to a non-working one? I don’t have a carrier board, but I do have the motherboard of the washing machine itself, and there, judging by the inscriptions, there are both USB and RS 232. Perhaps it will work?
I think that the problem is more likely software and flashing can fix it.
In general, since 2019, 3 boards on two washing machines have already broken. Two stopped loading, the third is loading, but displays a random state of the inputs and freezes when trying to change the state of the outputs.
Sad statistic.

Colibri VF61 256MB IT

Hi @sashkind,

Please seek help from the manufacturer of the Washing Machine.

I am closing this thread as it is out of topic to Toradex Community.

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