VF61 problem setting GPIO in configBlock

I need to start with colibri pin 71 as output value 0.
I set it in the config block, but later i am unable to change the pin value with gpio lib function.
If i clear gpio, the gpio function work.


Can you please provide the command you use in bootloader to set the gpio. Thanks

set gpio.45.ctrl=1 
set gpio.45.obe=1 
set gpio.45.state=0 
save gpio
SODIMM pin 71 goes to 0 at reset, but it'impossible to drive with gpiolib

in this way:

set gpio.45.ctrl=1 
set gpio.45.obe=1 
set gpio.45.dse=1
set gpio.45.state=0 
save gpio

after reset sodimm pin 71 remain high, gpio.lib works


OK seems that you managed to solve the issue. Can I change you comment to an answer and close the question?

The problem is open because i need to boot with pin state =0,
and then manage it with gpiolib function, but i’m not able to start with


Could you add this line of code to your GPIO handling →

Gpio_SetConfigString(hGpio, io1, NULL, L"strength=1", StoreVolatile);

Fortunately on my hardware it works, so for this specific case it’s ok.
However if i had understood well, with the first set of instruction above, the pin output is disabled.
Is there a way to set the output at 0 on boot ?
Thank you very much

The 1st set of commands set OBE to 1. As per reference manual this means output enable.

I know. The question is :
The 2set doesn’t work.
How can i set the output to level 0 ?

Sorry I do not completely understand what do you want. Can you please repeat the question and include all the information. Thanks.