VF61 doesn't wake up right after suspend


  1. When I run Start->Suspend and then instantly apply short positive impulse on SODIMM43(fast press and release button), Colibri doesn’t wake up often. Following pressing button in any time also doesn’t resume Colibri, I have to reboot Colibri.

  2. When I run Start->Suspend then wait more than 0.5s before fast(as well as in 1) press button, Colibri wakes up always.

  3. When I run Start->Suspend and then instantly apply “long”(more than 0.5s) positive impulse on SODIMM43, Colibri wakes up after release button always.

How to fix this issue in 1. ?

P.S. WakeupSource = pin43t



I was able to reproduce the issue but it may take some time to fix it and to find the source of the issue.
Do you have any timeline requirements for this?

I hope this issue will be fixed in V1.4 release.

Could you please test this image → https://share.toradex.com/nyf7hva6rcljh1j

Does it fix the issue for you. Please report back to me. Thanks

I tested this image and issue exists.

This is going to be a bit harder to debug as I do not know exactly when you press wakeup.

Can you please do this for me →
Connect your wakeup pin to oscilloscope channel 1 and SODIMM 45 to channel 2. Go to suspend and generate wakeup. Pin 45 should get toggled and your pin should also toggle. This way I can see when you generate the wakeup.

Ch1 - SODIMM 43 (WakeUp)
Ch2 - SODIMM 45

Colibri wakes up normally

Colibri wakes up normally

Colibri doesn’t wake up

Colibri doesn't wake up

Thanks for this. I will look into it but it seems to be also an issue of SoC. I will try to find a way to fix it and keep you updated. But so far I can not promise its going to be done before 1.4 release but I will try my best.


could you please test with this image → https://share.toradex.com/1xf3bta8l9zwj3u

(I am sorry for asking you to do so many tests, but I have no way of reproducing the exact issue)

Only valid source of wakeup is PIN43. Also if possible please look into the debug output it will be printing much more data.


I find issue. In my driver, I handle button (backlight off/on) , button is attached on Pin43. If I comment button handler in code, then Colibri wakes up always. How correct handle this pin in driver? I use ToradexCeLib v1.9 in button handler.