VF61 1.2v power supply scheme


What (core) power supply scheme does the VF61 use?


If a DC/DC is used for 1.2v, what IO pin is used for control? (see pdf)
This is a bare metal application (no linux)

Also, is there are list of devices on the SODIMM and i2c addresses etc, or do I need to look into UBOOT?

These questions could be answered if schematics are available somewhere - are there any schematics?


Hi Paul,

Please understand that we are not providing the schematic diagrams of our modules. The power supply scheme is similar to the one in figure 5 which can be found in section 8.4. We are using an external ballast transistor which is powered from the 1.5V DC/DC converter. The only control pin is the BCTL.

There are no I2C peripherals on the module. On the carrier board, there can be I2C devices. The schematic diagrams of our carrier boards are freely available on our website. The pins on the SODIMM connector should be all documented in our datasheet. Additional information can be found in the compatibility guide and the Pinout Designer