VF50 Power-Up Ramp Time Requirements

Could you please provide me with the requirements Power-Up Ramp Time Requirements as this Section is blank in the user manual. At present we are trying to debug a potential brown-out condition and finding in some cases that after 16 hours the Linux Kernel has not booted up. We have also observed shorter but signifcant delays across different Colibri VF50 modules.

Hi @Phil_S!

Thanks for contacting us.

I’ll get it touch with the hardware team and try to source the power-up timings.

Meanwhile, could you please provide some additional details about your project?
I assume you’re designing your own carrier board, right?

As a first debug strategy, I’d try measuring the main supply and 3.3V rails with a scope on a Toradex carrier board so to have an idea of the expected behavior on these signals.

Also, can you provide more information about these delays you mentioned? Are these delays on boot time?