VF50 I2C stop sending

I’m using I2C to comunicate with other slave device, after 7 or 8 hours of comunication I2C doesn’t send data anymore and

I2c_Write(m_hi2c, datatosend,nDataToSend)

return always I2C_RW_FAILURE

Even if I reset or restart power on the slave device VF50 continues to send nothing on SDA and SCL, I have to power off VF50 and reinitialize all in order to work again. Also If I close and reopen I2C doesn’t work.

What is the context (hardware/software) of your problem ?

We are aware that this issue may happen. Did you try to increase the value of pull-up resistors?

We are working on a new library version where we plan to implement some recovery mechanisms but its still not ready.

Dear All,

We have I2C issue too, it is may be caused by the same problem?
In details:

Colibry VF50 V1.2 B

  • Bootloader : 1.5 for Vybrid Built Dec 18 2017
  • WIndows CE verion : 6.00
  • VybGpio_GetVersion: 2.5.58538881
  • VybI2c_GetVersion : 2.5.1806677427

We used the latest compatible TdxAllLibraries.DLL for “V1.2 B” downloaded from toradex.com and we found 2 issues in this dll:

  1. public static extern UInt32 VybI2c_Write(IntPtr hPort, IntPtr pbuf, UInt32 numberOfBytes);
    if the “numberOfBytes = 0” it returns 1 instead of 0
  2. public static extern UInt32 VybI2c_Read(IntPtr hPort, byte pbuf, UInt32 numberOfBytes);
    before calling the above VybI2c_Read method first set with VybI2c_SetConfigInt the RegisterAddressSize.
    if the “RegisterAddressSize = 0” it will result failure, because our st33zp24 Crypto IC device will block I2C bus, in a former case with VF50 v1.2 A its return pbuf[0] = 81 response successful.
    Thats means there is an I2C communication issue in the latest VF50 V1.2 B TdxAllLibraries.DLL

Can you check it please?

For everybody affected by this issue, a temporary fix is available, please contact support to get a preliminary version.
The official 2.6 release will be include this fix and will be released in the next weeks.