VF50 I2C stop sending

I’m using I2C to comunicate with other slave device, after 7 or 8 hours of comunication I2C doesn’t send data anymore and

I2c_Write(m_hi2c, datatosend,nDataToSend)

return always I2C_RW_FAILURE

Even if I reset or restart power on the slave device VF50 continues to send nothing on SDA and SCL, I have to power off VF50 and reinitialize all in order to work again. Also If I close and reopen I2C doesn’t work.

What is the context (hardware/software) of your problem ?

We are aware that this issue may happen. Did you try to increase the value of pull-up resistors?

We are working on a new library version where we plan to implement some recovery mechanisms but its still not ready.