[VF50] Ethernet registry DuplexMode and SpeedMode and MTU

Hello Toradex team,

I want to control the mode and the speed of a VF50, but i’ve seen that there is different informations from different sources.

From BSP Release :
(issue 14134 - Add support for 10Mbit Ethernet on Vybrid)


user can add → SpeedMode: 1 → 100mbit, 0

10Mmbit DuplexMode: 1 → Full Duplex, 0 → Half duplex

Inside platform.reg

uncomment this, if uncommneted autoconnect is off

;“SpeedMode”=dword:0 ;1 → 100mbit, 0 → 10mbit
;“DuplexMode”=dword:1 ;1 → full, 0 → falf


; DuplexMode: 0:AutoDetect; 1:HalfDuplex; 2:FullDuplex.



Well, I’m a little lost.

  • Which are key that i can use? (2ENET/ ENET2)
  • Autoconnect will be off if i change theses values ?
  • “DuplexMode” or “EnetDuplex” ?
  • IS the MTU still available in [\Comm\ENET2\Parms\TcpIp]

I have to manage the both BSP (1.2 & 1.3). (I know that lower speed is not available on bsp 1.2.)

Thanks a lot


  1. Depending on version →
    1.2: 2ENET
    1.3: ENET2

  2. Auto negotiation will be off. Connection will still be established if both sides have same speed and duplex

  3. DuplexMode is correct one. EnetDuplex is windows internal entry that is not used

  4. WinCE controls the MTU size

Dear All,

In order to complete our research, It seems that Windows CE is taking care of the MTU value inside [\Comm\ENET2\Parms\TcpIp].

So, MTU is available for VF50.

More details:

  1. MSDN details Ethernet IPV4 Registers
  2. MSDN MTU details

Have a nice day.