VF50 End of support?

Hello, we buy fairly large quantities of colibri VF50 modules for use in a current product. For security reasons, we need to keep packages reasonably up to date.

However, I noticed that in your latest Linux BSP Release - 3.0, that you have dropped Vybrid Support. This obviously concerns us. Can you confirm that there will be no further Linux BSP Releases for VF50.

Dear @ashinton. Thanks for your question. We very much understand your concerns. I believe my colleagues are currently preparing some documentation that would help clarify but for the very least I can tell that we will continue updating the BSP with critical updates, and that we guarantee that it will keep working on future hardware revisions of whatever module types are initially supported. Plus we plan to do further long term support integration.

You can check more info here about our BSP LTS support that I hope it can better explain your concerns:

However, kindly wait for the update from my colleagues with much more detailed information. We are aware that this is a concern from our Vybrid customers. They will also be answering to this same post.

Kind regards,

Hi @ashinton

Thanks for your confidence in our products. As @alvaro.tx pointed out, we will continue maintaining our long-term supported (LTS) BSP 2.8. We will provide updates in the event of hardware changes, and we will regularly fix critical bugs.

For further Information, please have a look here.

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